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solar lamp RINGLYX Legend1, 2, 3, solar !solar beacon - LYXY summer nightLYXY natureLYX PatrimonyMidnight bathSea, LYX and sun

solar lamp RING

- Use :
  entrance lighting, terraces, balconies,

- Finishing : epoxy paint

- Color : Mars rust or grey charcoal

- Presence detector

- Dimensions : 500 x 250 x 125 mm

- Made in France
solar lamp RINGsolar lamp RING

LYX Legend

At the heart of automotive passion,

parking markers BTS 900 and BTS 400

offer a permanent lighting

with adjustable intensity, or spot lighting,

thanks to its motion detector.
LYX LegendLYX LegendLYX Legend

1, 2, 3, solar !

Dance of light,

In a set of unstructured shadows.

... Summer ambience on the terraces.

Solar beacons BTS 400

1, 2, 3, solar !1, 2, 3, solar !1, 2, 3, solar !

solar beacon - LYXY summer night

Dance in the sun ... under a ballet of stars

Link to Youtube video
solar beacon - LYXY summer nightsolar beacon - LYXY summer nightsolar beacon - LYXY summer night

LYXY nature

The small portable solar lamp from LYX blends into nature ... Design the luminous atmosphere of your evenings.
LYXY natureLYXY natureLYXY nature

LYX Patrimony

Tourtour, village in the sky ...

Heart of Provence,
source of sun,
to dress architectural heritage
with a ray of light...
LYX PatrimonyLYX PatrimonyLYX Patrimony

Midnight bath


Solar beacon BTS400.

Summertime !

LYX, moment of distraction...

Off-road solar lamp.

Lighting throughout the summer...

Midnight bathMidnight bathMidnight bath

Sea, LYX and sun


Head to the south, LYX gets full of energy...

Ready to illuminate the summer evenings

with a sweet and powerful light.

Sea, LYX and sunSea, LYX and sunSea, LYX and sun
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